Project Description

As avid Moleskine and Rhodia notebook users, we were continually frustrated with losing our favorite pens in the bottom of messenger bags, or worse, leaving it on our desks at home or in someone’s office. Clipping a pen to the cover or spine was always awkward, and loose pens and pencils have a way of not being easily found when they are needed most.

The idea of producing an elegant way to attach a pen to a notebook inspired us to learn about various notebook brands, leathers, tannages and stitching; as well as vigorously studying the sizes and styles of pens, pencils and markers to develop the best designed and most versatile pen holder possible for the notebook lifestyle.

When the Apple iPad, Mini and iPad Air introduced the world to tablet entertainment, a few minor Quiver adjustments allowed us to produce a pen/stylus holder that easily slides over the front cover of all Apple iPad/Air cases.